Are the Democrats just being coy?

You’d think that the Democrats would grasp that success – survival itself – in a capitalistic society is determined by the amount of capital that you have.

For 30 years the Republicans have worked to decrease the amount of capital that the American people have by diverting it – and its control – to the few that they represent.  The consequence is that the net worth – to include income – of the American people has been sinking, particularly in comparison to the top 1% who control the Republican Party.

If the Democrats wanted power – the vaunted “permanent majority” that the Republicans sought, all for the wrong reasons – they had but to legislate America back on track by breaking the legislation that diverted America’s income to the few, redirecting it instead back to where it belongs: In the hands of America’s families.

There are three highly effective tools that the Republicans and their more covert operatives among the neoliberal/”Blue Dog” Democrats use to transfer that wealth:

1) “Flood-up/trickle-down” economics works to eliminate the recycling of wealth out of the black hole that is otherwise the asset base of the few who own the GOP, and further – and much worse – incentivizes greed and lead to the subsequent policies of:

2) Deregulation – which works in combination with Congressional legislation to force the American middle class to invest in IRAs and 401Ks to give the few access to their wealth through Wall Street’s “fees” and the so-routine-it-is-strangely-predictable boom/bust cycle of Wall Street

3) Inequitable free trade – which, by subsidizing offshore production through the intentional ignoring of distorted currency exchange rates and the criminal deficiencies in environmental and worker wage and safety laws offshore, makes it possible for the few to shed first health benefits for their workers and then their workers entirely.

Make no mistake about it: In intentionally failing to address that triumvirate of wealth transfer tools, the Democrats reveal themselves to be wholly-owned properties of the same 1% that has owned the Republicans ‘lo these many decades.

In the end, some power will appear to change hands in Congress in 2010…but will the American people see their representation within that strategic branch of our current government increase to the point that our majority has a majority over our wealthy minority?

I think not.

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