Are the Republicans liars?

The Republicans make much ado about a balanced budget…but what is that in the greater scheme of things?

Particularly, what is that in comparison to an economy that is hemorrhaging its lifeblood – money – in trade deficits, oil payments, foreign wars, and the stunning and ever-increasing ability of our wealthy few to permanently take money out of circulation and sequester it away in their asset base?

No economy can function without the flow of money, yet all that the Republicans do – from their hypocritical defense of BP which is a part of their larger effort to ensure that we remain addicted to oil and thus committed to monstrous foreign oil payments, to their declaration that a global market is sacrosanct even though the inequities in “free trade” guarantee that we will always run trade deficits of tragic proportions, to their insistence that those with the most opportunity to shape the flow of wealth in America to favor themselves should not bear an equally large responsibility to fund our nation, to their creation of expensive wars offshore with their excuse that “It is better to fight them over there than over here!” and their protests that merely securing our borders would “interfere with the free flow of trade!” – is designed to disrupt or even halt the flow of money through our economy.

“Halt”, you question?  If there is no money in the hands of the American people, the flow of money through our economy will surely halt – particularly in light of the fact that the Republicans screech for the immediate halt of government printing presses even as they continue their support for the inequitable free trade that slaughters America’s jobs.

Do you think our wealthy will spend what they have accumulated?  Their assets as a percentage of America’s total wealth are at a historic high – but have you seen them building factories and investing in America?  Or are the factories – what few are left – around you staring back at you with the glazed eyes of broken windows and shattered promises?

With no money circulating in America, there is no need for a balanced budget, for our government itself becomes obsolete.  Our government was formed to distribute the responsibility of running  a democracy based upon capitalism, but when all the money that is left sits idly in the treasure rooms of a wealthy few while those few dictate what our government does, you perforce no longer have a capitalistic democracy.

You have, instead, a feudal aristocracy wearing the tattered clothing of all those who died to create and keep this nation whole.  Is that the Republicans’ intent?  Is their seeming support of Democracy and “the American Way” their greatest lie of all?

I think so.

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