Wal*Mart and Education in America

(With the caveat that this is just my opinion, of course…)

Wal*Mart’s assault upon jobs – their driving of manufacturing offshore by telling American industry to meet or beat the prices that offshore manufacturers with the production cost advantages of distorted currency exchange rates and criminally deficient environmental and worker wage and safety laws – is directly and negatively impacting our educational system…creating a dire threat to the future security and stability of this nation.

The loss of jobs means a loss of taxes; that withering tax base hammers our educational system at the local level.  Given that the first dozen years of education here – for all but the wealthy few – depend upon the harvesting of real estate and personal income taxes, that attack upon the foundation of learning is…disastrous.  (I am ashamed to admit that our right is eager to participate in the destruction; hence, their ever-present cries for vouchers and the ability to defund the public educational system.)

In our “for-pay” educational system, later and higher education is dependent upon either the ability of parents to provide funding, the government itself subsidizing that education through taxes, or working your way through school.

The elimination of jobs obviously and directly eliminates the ability of ever more American parents to pay for their children’s higher educations…and working your way through school without a job is a non sequitur, eh?

Meanwhile those benefiting from the ability to produce at low cost offshore and sell at high cost here – or from the transformation of America’s economy from a healthy production/consumption system into a financial game on Wall Street and in banking – have been using their proceeds to purchase ever more government influence…and in turn using that influence to harvest tax cuts for themselves.  Consequently, support for education in America from the Federal level is drying up.

To sum up, the successful application of greed to government (for I find it difficult to believe that W.J. Clinton’s fanatical pursuit of inequitable free trade and granting of MFN to China was anything more than a quid pro quo for H. Clinton’s six year tenure on Wal*Mart’s board of directors and other favors) over the last few decades has many consequences – but perhaps most tragically, upon our educational system.

A nation’s educational system is the generator of that nation’s future – you neglect it at your peril; assault the ability of your people to partake of it, and you condemn your nation to mediocrity and decay.  What we now see in America is an assault upon education at ALL levels:  Suicide, for money.

Hence, I call my nation’s leaders fools and idiots – for they either permit or pursue this destruction of our educational system, depending (for the most part) upon whether they are Democrat or Republican, respectively.

People like Wal*Mart are getting rich in the process, of course…through feeding upon the quivering, undead corpse of America, as it were.  I suspect that the current prevalence of vampires as a theme in our culture is a subconscious recognition of what is happening to our country.

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One Response to Wal*Mart and Education in America

  1. Phillip says:


    Noticed your postings on McClatchy. I almost didn’t pursue it, but then started reading your blog. As an educator, and exile from Oklahoma, USA, I agree with your take on Walmart. Good writing, sir. Will keep reading.

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