Tired of Big Oil’s power? Nuke plants make you nervous? Do something about it!

Use your computer’s idle time to help find clean energy solutions.  Just go to http://cleanenergy.harvard.edu and watch the tutorial entitled “Harvard Clean Energy Project (CEP) Tutorial” for the HowTo.

Me, I’m tired of Americans dying to ensure Big Oil’s profits…tired of my gasoline money turning into the weapons terrorists use against us…tired of the enormous trade deficits that arise in large part from oil payments…tired of Big Oil’s money being used to buy propaganda that corrupts our elections and so our democracy…tired of oil spill after environmental disaster…tired of politicians who would take us to war for oil…tired of people speculating in the oil market and derailing our economy over and over and over again…tired of people having to choose between commuting to work or paying their mortgage and feeding their kids.

I’m tired of it; I’m doing what I can about it.  Sure, the extra run time on some of my computers costs me some money in burned electricity and so also contributes to green house gas emissions, but is the goal – the elimination of our dependency upon hydrocarbons – worth it?

It surely is to me.  I’m tired of an America held hostage and so crippled by oil addiction – and I can’t say that world events of late have caused my optimism about nuclear energy to increase.

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