Current Science Fiction Memes Are Obsolete

They almost always make the same assumption:  Earthlings will come together to fight off a common enemy and so ultimately prevail.

But if this past Presidential election should have taught America anything, it is that being able to depend upon all Americans – let alone all humans – to stand together in a time of great need is a misconception.  What did we see, but Bain Capital – Bain Capital, Romney’s own company – selling Sensata to the communists in the PRC right smack in the middle of Romney’s run for the White House?

There is a simple and clear lesson in that action:  You should not rely upon the modern American right – whether they call themselves Republicans, Tea Party, or Libertarians – to stand with their fellow human beings against an invading alien species or even an invading communist army.   Not if the price offered by those invaders is right.  Which it would be, if those invaders have been watching – or already dealing with – our right for any time at all.

To put it another way, there is absolutely no evidence that suggests that the modern American right will stand with you unless there is something in it for them.  Which begs the logical next question:  Do you – do we – have enough to make them stand with you/us?  The American right has looted America pretty harshly these last 40 years…now they’re down to trying to take money out of the American people’s hides – literally out of their lives.  Words like loyalty, patriotism, “the right thing to do”; those are but dry and empty husks in the mouths of the power structure of the American right.  The essence of their value system – and you can hear it in what they say over and over again on the subjects of taxes and entitlement spending – is “I am not my brother’s keeper!”.

So say America or the Earth were to be invaded.  Given a choice between fighting – that is, placing their own lives at risk – or selling America out, what do you think our modern American right would do?  What?  You think they’d fight?  Have you forgotten that such as Cheney who “had better things to do” than answer those draft notices nevertheless rose to prominence within the power structure of the modern American right?  Doesn’t that seem odd, that a right that had no problem “swiftboating” somebody who showed up like Kerry could be steered by a multiple-offender draft dodger?

Have you forgotten that someone who bypassed a draft notice with a religious deferment and a trip to Paris rose to the very top of the modern American right’s power and financial structure?  And then that someone – Romney – said nothing as his company moved yet more American dual-use technology into the hands of a communist power that is rapidly increasing its tactical and strategic offensive arsenal of war?

Can you not see that what ordinary Americans call “values” mean nothing at all to the modern American right?

lollll…no, you cannot – for you keep voting for the modern pseudo-American right…even though the modern pseudo-American right continues to sell America out.  Now, our right is so confident that they have broken the American people that they are willing to do it right in the middle of our elections.

It is enough to drive me mad…for it appears that the right’s confidence is merited.

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